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Teens and Tweens

Ages 11-19

Many teens that I see struggle with challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and trauma. Adolescents frequently find themselves dealing with difficult feelings alone, feeling disconnected from others due to their internal struggles. My objective is to illuminate the fact that these issues are shared by many teens, while also equipping them with fresh coping strategies to navigate their overwhelming emotions.

In my work with teens, I employ an approach rooted in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. Utilizing resources like workbooks, videos, and interactive activities, I create an engaging platform for therapeutic progress. I adapt to their pace, ensuring their goals take precedence in our sessions. This is their time to share, feel, and discuss what they might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing with family and friends. 

I strive to create a relaxed, supportive atmosphere to help build trust and rapport so that teens feel they have a safe space to share.

Image by Farrinni
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