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children's therapy

Accepting children ages 5 and up

Children are active and share emotional responses and experiences in ways that differ from adults. In my approach to therapy, I integrate art therapy, play therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy to effectively engage with children.

A fundamental aspect of this process is facilitating social and emotional learning. To begin, I guide them in recognizing their emotions and how they manifest in their bodies.

Building upon their emotional awareness, we delve into developing coping mechanisms. This entails instructing them in breathing techniques and other strategies that aid in mitigating sensations of anxiety, anger, and behavioral challenges.

I extend counseling services through both online and in-person formats. For virtual clients, I utilize a virtual "play room," which includes online games, books, and activities. My in person therapy room is stocked with games, toys, and books to facilitate the therapeutic process. 

We begin with an intake session, during which parents are encouraged and valued for sharing any pertinent information. While parents are always invited to participate in the sessions, as a child becomes more at ease in the therapy environment, they can greatly benefit from the confidentiality that allows them to freely express their concerns and emotions.

art and play therapy are utilized along with mindfulness coping skills

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